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Lake Tawakoni, TX.

Lake Tawakoni, TX.

We've now taken the recent aerial photo mapping craze to a whole new level. On these lakes/reservoirs, aerial photos were taken prior to the reservoirs being impounded and we've designed a product that allows users to view a mosaic of those photos. See things like creek channels, houses, cattle ponds, trees, fields, road beds etc. For areas above the waterline, current aerial imagery is included.


Texas E-Card - Pre-Impoundment is a new series of GPS maps that contain aerial photo maps of reservoirs in Texas that were taken before they were flooded!


Literally.... See them with no water in them.


  • ​Pre-Impoundment Aerial Photos below water level and current High Resolution aerial photos above.
  • Accesses, Named Features, Creek Channels, Foundations, Oil Wells, Submerged Roads and MORE!
  • HD 1ft Contours created from on the water survey data
  • Contours are calibrated to full pool elevation






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