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The Tampa E-Card is a GPS map that replaces the generic base map on your GPS and shows you an accurate view of the bottom with our new 3D relief shading imagery.


This map includes high resolution 3D imagery with centimeter accuracy from The Tampa Bay and over 30 miles offshore, as well as High Resolution Aerial Imagery from the shore, throughout Tampa Bay, Marsh Island, and Manatee River, Braden River, and surrounding areas.


Noteable spots include: The Pipeline, The Skyway Bridge, The Hills, Shallow and Deep water Grouper Grounds, Amberjack Wreck, Snapper Stack, and more!


Standard Mapping's Tampa 3D relief shading and aerial map gives you the visual precision to immediately increase your production. Whether you're looking for snook and tarpon or grouper and kingfish-- this card has it all!


This map is designed with highlighted fishing spots, resulting in the best resolution imagery available.


Take advantage of Standard Mapping's exclusive perks:


  • Named fishing spots with detailed structure information (Simrad & Lowrance exclusive)
  • Complete navigational chart mode for the Southeast US and Bahamas
  • High Resolution Aerial imagery


Compatible with: Simrad, Lowrance, Mercury Marine, B&G, & Raymarine GPS Devices.







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