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Stevie Nick
Gator Trax

Jonathan Howard


Mike Lane & Captain Jack

“... Both days had dense fog on the water and these cards got me to my spots. At take-off tournament morning I passed by a few boats who had slowed to almost a stop because they were unsure where the next turn was.”
-Joey Zimmer

"I am a GPS and map junky, I check them all out. I currently own both the Standard Map chip and Navionics...The Standard Map chip is positively better....There is a HUGE section of Delacroix marsh that does not even show up on the Navionics version. It also seems the Standard Map chip is brighter and easier to navigate by... previous map software I've used just can't stand up next to the Standard Map chip.” - Emile



“If you have the HDS system the absolute best mapping system is the Standard Mapping satellite over lay chips. They are called E-cards…. The gps location on the map is also very accurate (meaning your curser will track over the water and not over the land when running down small canals). I highly recommend these cards for any water in south louisiana.” -Doug McClung-LSU College Fishing Alumni


“I bought the Spillway combo card a while back and it's got me spoiled! I don't want to run without one. That thing is awesome!!” -Neal Normand


“We use them at Sea Tow and we love them. When we get the coordinates of a stranded boater or member in need of assistance, we use the chip and we can clearly see our safe route options. We go into a lot of areas we've never previousley been, but having the highlighted routes really helps us do our job better and Standard Mapping chips are the best.”
-Sea Tow New Orleans


“A special thanks to the Standard Mapping E-card Software, without which we would not have been able to navigate the 100 mile plus run and locate the small ponds that held the winning fish.” -Stevie Nick


"... It is good to know that you were willing to stand by your product and make me whole on my purchase. I will certainly let all my tournament buddies know that you will go the extra mile to take care of your customers with any problems, thanks." - Sidney