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HDS Gen 3

Instructions on how to load the E-Card GPS Map into Lowrance HDS Gen 3

1.    Insert the Micro SD or Micro SD inserted in full size SD adapter into GPS card reader, you do not want to force the card into the GPS, flip the card around till the card easily makes contact with the reader.

2.    Once inserted, wait 5-10 seconds for GPS to read E-Card, you will see loading charts at the bottom. If it does not say loading charts at the bottom, the GPS is not reading your SD card, where you will want to check the connection of the SD card and the GPS.

3.    First, zoom all the way out on your GPS to about 500 – 300 miles, where we created a welcome screen to make sure our customers know they are looking at our mapping system on the GPS.

4.    Normally on a brand new GPS you will have to set up a few settings to load the mapping software, once these settings are turned on you will not have to set them again. On the right side of the touch screen you will see a MENU tab with settings. 
You want to first go into the CHART OPTIONS tab, which if you do not see press the BACK button at the top of the MENU till you get where the top tab say Return to Cursor or Clear Cursor.

5.    Once in CHART OPTIONS, you will see a CHART SOURCE tab, make sure you are set to Lowrance.

6.    Back in our CHART OPTIONS tab, you will also see a PRESENTATION tab, where you are going to go in and turn the SHADED RELIEF setting on (the colored triangle to the right indicates on).

7.    Once you turn your SHADED RELIEF setting on, you should see our mapping software replace the GPS screen.