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Is your GPS compatible with our E-Card mapping software?

If your GPS unit is NOT listed below, we offer GPS Routing Systems
that will import waypoints and routes into your GPS. This is not a mapping product, 
as it will not replace the base map of your GPS, however, this will offer you sets of routes
 through waterways along the coastline of Louisiana. 
This product is compatible with
Garmin, Humminbird, Furuno, Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, and Raymarine.
If you would like to check out this product, click here.

*** For Lowrance, Simrad, and Raymarine users, these Routes are built in on our
Premium and Professional E-Card packages. To get more information about the differences
between our Classic, Premium, and Professional Packages, click here. ***




LOWRANCE – We are compatible with most Lowrance GPS Units:

List of compatible Lowrance GPS Models:

HDS Gen1 Button (Non Touch), HDS Gen 2 Button (Non Touch)

HDS Gen2 TOUCH, Elite TI

HDS Gen3, HDS Carbon

HOOK 2 GPS Units are not compatible with this mapping software.

Elite HDI, Elite Chirp, HOOK

** Attention Elite HDI, Elite Chirp, and HOOK users, due to the processor built into your GPS and the size of our mapping software will have a delay in zooming and scrolling around the map

TOUCH Screen GPS Users do not need to worry about this! **

Elite DSI is not compatible, if you are not sure what Elite GPS Model you have look at the power cable.

Elite DSI will have a BLACK connector on the power cable.

Elite HDI will have a BLUE connector on the power cable.

If your GPS was not listed above in black then your GPS is not compatible with this mapping software.


SIMRAD – We are compatible with all Simrad GPS Units:



RAYMARINE – We are compatible with most Raymarine GPS Units:

List of compatible Raymarine GPS Models and Software:

a Series, c Series, e Series, eS Series, gS Series (LightHouse II Software version 17 or newer)

Axiom, Axiom Pro (LightHouse 3 Software version)

DragonFly, DragonFly Pro (LightHouse II Software version 12 or newer)

A Series, C Series, E Series, G Series (LightHouse II Software version 17 or newer)

To determine software version, on start up of the GPS look in the right corner for a V##


GARMIN – We are currently not compatible with Garmin GPS Units:

Please stay connected to our social media and website for updates on Garmin products.


HUMMINBIRD – We are currently not compatible with Humminbird GPS Units:

Your support helps! Let Humminbird know you would like to see our maps on their GPS!